The Shadow of Aedre Tour

SYCAMORE SHADOWS, Ohio. Anyone wanting to attend this year’s “Shadow of Aedre Tour,” conducted by Mr. Jacob “Nippy” Keene, should be in front of the Church of the Lost Sheep by 8:45 a.m. on Aedre Day. (Remember: September 18 falls on a Sunday this year. Aedre Day is Monday, September 19.) The tour begins at 9 a.m. and will proceed through Aedre’s life thus:
Begin at the Burying Ground adjacent to the church, where Aedre, probably suffering from dissociative amnesia, “awakened” in 1800, near her supposed mother’s headstone.
Proceed down Kishwaukee Street and Plane Tree Lane to Sanderling’s Run (near the Imaginactory) to visit Aedre’s Rock, the site of Aedre’s discovery by settler Slumber Nichols the morning after her awakening.
Follow Sanderling’s Run upstream to Aedre’s grave, where she first met her future husband, Gideon Bowman, in May 1809. (Note: because the 2006 archaeological excavation proved the grave empty, it is no longer the final stop of the tour.)
Walk the Sassafras Trail to Kentunhe Hill, Aedre’s home from the time of her marriage in 1810 until her death two years later. After an in-depth tour of the house, which has been restored to its early 19th-century appearance and contains Bowman family furnishings, participants will be allowed time to visit the Ellipsis Earthworks.
Return to town in the Amish shuttle-wagon and visit Aedre’s Pool (Little Rindle Creek), the site of Aedre’s drowning during her baptismal ceremony in 1812.
The tour will conclude at the Museum of Sycamore Shadows, where we will explore some of the Bowman Collection, including items not usually on display.
Mr. Keene wishes to add the following:
The tour will last approximately three hours and participants should wear sturdy clothing. Since much of the tour will be in the valley of Sanderling’s Run, please bring plenty of bug spray or tobacco. There will be several designated pipe and cigar smokers in the group, but due to variable conditions, some mosquitoes may penetrate the smoke perimeter. If you are too delicate to handle a mosquito bite, please make arrangements to smoke your own tobacco or invite a smoker to accompany you. Wilson Hahn, Tobacconist, recommends “Haverhill’s Vanilla Mundungus” as the most effective mosquito deterrent.
Sanderling’s Run is full of sharp, slippery rocks, so please be careful! If you are injured, do not wail or cry, thereby disturbing others. Remain quiet and we will send help when the tour has concluded.
Because several people on last year’s tour were unable to hear the guide, we ask that participants not discharge their firearms. If you think you may want to shoot small game while on the tour, bring an airgun or slingshot.
Mr. Curly Dowd has agreed to film the tour, after which it will be available online for those unable to attend or too lazy to leave the artificial comfort of their home and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.
As always, participants are encouraged to ask sensible, informed questions. No one learns when time is wasted dealing with stupidity. Anyone believing Aedre was a mermaid or witch should keep silent during the tour, which is based on facts.

Aedre Day Schedule

8 a.m. Opening ceremony (Gazebo).
8:30-10 a.m. Fishing contest (Swinfish Lake).
9 a.m.-12 p.m. Shadow of Aedre Tour (Church of the Lost Sheep).
10 a.m.-8 p.m. Hibb’s Land open (304 Main St.). Free rides all day but please do not hog the carousel.
10 a.m.-6 pm. Museum of Sycamore Shadows open.
11 a.m. Stationary parade (Sycamore Street). This year, spectators should walk clockwise around the parade.
12-4 p.m. Sanderling Mansion open house (302 Sanderling St.). Do not feel the wallpaper—the flock is beginning to wear.
1 p.m. Fighting Buttonballs vs Jessup (OH) Foaming Malsters, Buckstone Field, Amishtown.
1-3 p.m. Kentunhe Hill and Ellipsis Earthworks open house (1201 Syc-Penn. Rd., Amishtown).
3-5 p.m. Marsuoin Park Games: Sack race, baseball toss, turkey shoot, arm wrestling, three-legged race, spitting contest.
7:30 p.m. Edwina Dulcet will yodel three poems by Emily Dickinson.
8 p.m.-12 p.m. Dance, featuring the “Tri-tones.”
10:30 p.m. Fireworks.

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