The Imaginactory

The Imaginactory, where I live and work, is located in the former Sanderling Pottery building on the bank of Little Beaver Creek in Sycamore Shadows, Ohio. (You may read about how I came to own the building by following this link.) It is

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Where is Sycamore Shadows?

Can’t find Sycamore Shadows on a map? Well, that’s because it doesn’t exist. You see, I’m an artist and artists make up things. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be much good at what we do.  Sometimes we make up things

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For reasons which I have never understood, my father’s nickname is “Tooge.” As long as I can remember, people have asked me, “What’s a Tooge?” Well, a Tooge is a Tooge. The way Tigger is a Tigger. So,

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Where no one needs an address, the fish always bite, and buildings are never demolished. Read More